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PDR : Company Visit Note - Switching focus to coastal cities in near term

Source: VCI
Report type: Business Analysis
Content summary: Although valuation no longer looks particularly attractive at this stage, we believe the fact that PDR’s 2019F earnings will be heavily skewed towards Q3 and Q4 and that its aggressive 2020 plan is partly secured at this stage makes the stock worth watching for the second half of 2019 and 2020.
Download 08/16/2019

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Regional Research : Six-for-18: Cycles, Structures, Breakouts & Breakdowns

Source: MBKE
Report type: References
Content summary: ASEAN’s 15-50% stock-market gain puts it near the top of the 2017 league table. While MKE’s macro team sees sustained economic momentum, our country Heads of Research are sounding a cautious note on...
Download 01/13/2018


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