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03/15/2017FS 2016
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01/05/2015Resolution of Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2014
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Tan Lam Agriculture Product Joint Stock Company

Name: Tan Lam Agriculture Product Joint Stock Company


Address: Km20 - Quốc lộ 9 - H.Cam Lộ - T.Quảng Trị

Telephone: (84.233) 3887212 - 3887294

Fax: (84.233) 3887211


Exchange: OTC

Sector: Agriculture Production

Industry: Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry

Listing date:

Chartered capital: 11,000,000,000

Listed shares: 1,100,000

Shares outstanding: 1,100,000

Status: Operating

Tax code:

Establishment license:

Issued date:

Business license:

Issued date:

Main business scope:

Sản xuất, kinh doanh, xuất nhập khẩu sản phẩm cây công nghiệp, vật tư, dược liệu, máy móc thiết bị nông nghiệp và tư vấn nông nghiệp bền vững...

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