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Corporate A-Z
Comprehensive information by symbol: Trading, Finance, Corporate Profile, News and Events, Insider Trading.
Data Explorer
A web-based function for exploring corporate data with top features: comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date data, "all-in-one" design, Excel output file which is easy to handle with, multiple types of data with different timeframes, data templates saving for future retrieval.
Comprehensive Vietnam macroeconomic data: GDP, CPI, import and export, IIP, FDI, central interest rate, population.
Technical Analysis
Online data backup, allowing to save graphs, analysis samples with unlimited quantity. In particular, an individual stock can still be saved as many different patterns.
Relative Rotation Graph
A tool to help find and detect strong stocks and industries to seize investment opportunities.
Stock Screener
Powerfully upgraded in-depth Stock Screener with multiple filters and display templates, personalized user design, easy to filter and track stocks.
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