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Vinasiam Bank

Name: Vinasiam Bank

Abbreviation:Vinasiam Bank

Address: 2 Pho Duc Chinh - Nguyen Thai Binh Ward - Dist.1 - HCMC

Telephone: (84.28) 3821 0630

Fax: (84.28) 3821 0585


Exchange: Khác

Sector: Finance and Insurance

Industry: Credit Intermediation and Related Activities

Listing date:

Chartered capital: 161,000,000

Listed shares:

Shares outstanding:

Status: Operating

Tax code:

Establishment license:

Issued date:

Business license:

Issued date:

Main business scope:

- Credit line loan, medium and long term project loan and co-financing loan
- Domestic and foreign remittance
- Import collection and export collection
- Letter of credit issuance
- Deposit account…

- Vinasiam Bank was established on Aug.15th, 1995. It was the joint venture of Vietnam Agriculture and Rural Development Bank, Thailand Commercial Bank and Charoen Pokphand (CP Group) of Thailand
- In 2003 VinaSiam Joint Venture Bank transformed to Vietnam Thailand Joint Venture Bank

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