VS-Sector: VS-Household


+1.85 (+13.29%)

Volume 2,743,652

Val. 30,566,642,000

Foreign Buy 5,610

Foreign Sell 171,040

NoStockExchangeIndustry (Level 3)Outstanding SharesPrice
1 day
5 days
1ADSHOSETextile and Fabric Finishing and Fabric Coating Mills25,517,8019,690 0(0%)9,790
2EVEHOSEApparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing41,979,7739,570 +70(+0.74%)9,500
3FTMHOSEFiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills50,000,0001,570 -30(-1.88%)1,580
4GDTHOSEHousehold and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing17,136,96830,000 +400(+1.35%)29,800
5GILHOSEApparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing24,000,00017,600 0(0%)17,200
6GMCHOSECut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing26,796,36517,800 +100(+0.56%)17,300
7KMRHOSETextile Furnishings Mills56,881,4432,350 +40(+1.73%)2,260
8MHLHNXOther Furniture Related Product Manufacturing5,288,6234,600 0(0%)4,600
9MPTHNXApparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing17,107,1641,400 +100(+7.69%)1,400
10MSHHOSECut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing50,009,40033,600 0(0%)32,400
11SAVHOSEHousehold and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing13,923,7738,000 0(0%)8,000
12SHAHOSEOther Furniture Related Product Manufacturing30,337,1204,260 -20(-0.47%)4,270
13STKHOSEFiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills70,726,94417,850 +1,150(+6.89%)16,400
14TCMHOSECut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing58,016,91819,500 0(0%)19,100
15TDTHNXCut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing11,621,7979,400 +100(+1.08%)9,500
16TETHNXApparel Knitting Mills5,702,94029,900 0(0%)30,200
17TNGHNXCut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing65,211,47613,000 +500(+4%)11,900
18TTFHOSEHousehold and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing214,607,8402,900 -30(-1.02%)2,930
19TVTHOSETextile and Fabric Finishing and Fabric Coating Mills21,000,00019,500 -200(-1.02%)19,550
20X20HNXCut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing17,250,0007,000 0(0%)6,300

Vietstock’s industry classification

Vietstock applied NAICS 2007 (The North American Industry Classification System) for industry classification because of its popularity, comprehension and logical order. In addition, it receives many supports from international organizations and bears a lot of similarities to Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification (VSIC 2007).