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Volume: Thousand shares - Market Cap., Value: Million Dong
CW market map: Area of each cell by Value = Price * Total Outstanding Volume
No.CW codeCloseChangeConversion
Exercise priceUnderlying
CW IssuerCW TypeCW StyleFirst trading dateLast trading dateStatus
1CDPM2001370 (0.00%)2 : 114,567DPMKISCallEuropean-style01/13/202006/17/2020Normal
2CDPM20021,640 (0.00%)1 : 115,252DPMKISCallEuropean-style02/19/202012/14/2020Normal
3CFPT19053,950380 (+10.64%)1 : 155,000FPTSSICallEuropean-style10/24/201904/20/2020Normal
4CFPT190667070 (+11.67%)5 : 157,000FPTHCMCallEuropean-style10/25/201904/06/2020Normal
5CFPT19082,230100 (+4.69%)3 : 154,000FPTMBSCallEuropean-style01/03/202006/15/2020Normal
6CFPT20011,230120 (+10.81%)5 : 156,000FPTHCMCallEuropean-style01/22/202006/18/2020Normal
7CFPT20021,600-50 (-3.03%)2 : 158,000FPTVCICallEuropean-style02/14/202007/20/2020Normal
8CGMD190160-40 (-40%)2.83 : 124,929GMDMBSCallEuropean-style11/14/201904/24/2020Normal
9CGMD2001140 (0.00%)4 : 125,000GMDHCMCallEuropean-style01/22/202006/18/2020Normal
10CHDB20011,53020 (+1.32%)2 : 129,099HDBKISCallEuropean-style01/13/202006/17/2020Normal
No.CW codeMaturity DateExercise priceConversion
Settlement priceGains/CW
1CVJC190102/26/2020145,67810 : 1128,100-
2CSBT190102/14/202021,2121 : 119,070-
3CNVL190102/07/202062,0884 : 154,620-
4CVHM190102/07/202089,8884 : 186,240-
5CPNJ190201/22/202079,0005 : 190,7202,344
6CREE190201/22/202036,0001 : 136,500500
7CHPG190801/22/202020,5002 : 125,3602,430
8CMBB190401/22/202022,0001 : 122,000-
9CTCB190101/17/202023,5002 : 123,040-
10CMBB190601/09/202020,0002 : 121,020510
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No.ProvisionsDataset Description
1Name of CWAccording to regulations of issuer
2IssuerName of securities company that issues a CW
3Underlying StockA stock, indexes or ETF. In the first stage, underlying stock is securities that meet the criteria of SSC.
4Warrant TypeThe holder of a covered warrant has the right but not the obligation to either buy (call) or sell (put) an underlying asset at a predetermined price (strike price) on or before a certain date in the future. A call warrant usually rises in value when the underlying asset rises in value, whilst a put warrant usually rises in value when the underlying asset falls in value.
5Warrant StyleCovered warrants can either be European or American style. A European-style warrant allows you to exercise your right only on the expiry date, whereas with an American-style warrant you can do this at any time between the date of issuance and the expiry date (only European exercise style is approved in Vietnam).
6Settlement TypeCash or underlying securities (only cash settlement is approved in Vietnam).
7Maturity Period3-24 months
8Last Trading DayThe last date that the covered warrant can be exercised (2 trading days before expiry date)
9Conversion RatioThe quantity of warrants required to convert into one unit of the underlying securities.
10Strike PriceThe strike price is the price at which the investor has the right to buy (call) or sell (put) an underlying asset to the issuer or on which the issuer bases to calculate the payout to the holder of CW.
11Adjusted Conversion Ratio=Conversion Ratio x (Adjusted Close Price of Underlying Stock/Close Price of Underlying Stock)
12Adjusted Strike Price=Strike Price x (Adjusted Close Price of Underlying Stock/Close Price of Underlying Stock)
13Settlement PriceThe average closing price of the underlying stock for the five trading days before maturity date (excluding maturity date) (for CW with single stock underlying asset and European-type)
14Moneyness of Call CWITM: Call CW: Underlying stock price > Strike price; Put CW: Underlying stock price < Strike price; OTM: Call CW: Underlying stock price < Strike price; Put CW: Underlying stock price > Strike price; ATM: Underlying stock price = Strike price
15Earning per ITM CW(Underlying Stock Price - Strike Price )/Conversion Ratio
16Price Step10 VND
17Reference Price in First Trading Day (Call CW)Issue Price x (Reference Price of Underlying Stock in First Trading Day of CW / Reference Price of Underlying Stock in Offering Date of CW) x (Conversion Ratio in Offering Date of CW / Conversion Ratio in First Trading Day of CW)
18Price RangeCeiling Price = Reference Price of CW + (Ceiling Price of Underlying Stock – Reference Price of Underlying Stock) x 1/Conversion Ratio Floor Price = Reference Price of CW – (Reference Price of Underlying Stock – Floor Price of Underlying Stock) x 1/Conversion Ratio
19Limit orders
20MarginDo not Apply