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Unit: Million Dong
Unit: Million Dong
12/28/2017Information Disclosure from companies
12/28/2017Audited FS 2016



Address: Số 209-211-213 Đường Trương Hán Siêu - P. Phú Mỹ - TP. Cao Lãnh - T. Đồng Tháp

Telephone: (84.277) 385 854

Fax: (84.277) 385 3602



Exchange: OTC

Sector: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Industry: Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services

Listing date:

Chartered capital: 10,000,000,000

Listed shares:

Shares outstanding:

Status: Operating

Tax code:

Establishment license:

Issued date:

Business license:

Issued date:

Main business scope:

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    Mkt CapbVND
    Financial indicatorsmVND
    EPS, BVPS, DividendVND
    P/E, F P/E, P/BTimes
    ROS, ROA, ROE%
    1. The accounting period for the equitization year is defined as of the company's establishment date.
    2. F PE is taken from the estimates of earnings announced by listed companies.
    3. 3-month/6-month/12-month price charts are compiled from revised data.