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The Royal International Corporation (UPCoM: RIC)


05/30/2023 08:47





Market Cap.198.09

Remain Bid

Remain Ask

52Wk High15,000

52Wk Low5,700

52Wk Avg Vol4,797

Frgn Buy-

Frgn Owned(%)30.57


Dividend Yield-




F P/E690000



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- Royal International Corporation (RIC) was established in 1994 by foreign capital. In 2006, the company started to operate as a joint stock company. Royal International Corporation is mainly involved in operation of five-star hotel Royal Sheraton, Royal restaurant and villas, gambling facilities open for foreign tourists and Royal complex. Operation of entertainment club contributes to 54% of the total revenue. Oper... View more
05/30/20236,900 (0.00%)0
05/29/20236,900 (0.00%)2,049
05/26/20236,900100 (+1.47%)400
05/25/20236,800100 (+1.49%)2,600
05/24/20236,800200 (+3.03%)3,705
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Unit: Million Dong
Unit: Million Dong
05/05/2023Resolution of Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2023
04/21/2023FS Quarter 1 of 2023
04/06/20232023 Annual Shareholders’Meeting Documents
05/10/2023Annual report 2022
04/02/2023Audited FS 2022

The Royal International Corporation

Name: The Royal International Corporation

Abbreviation:Royal International Corp

Address: Bai Chay Ward Ha Long Quang Ninh

Telephone: (84.203) 384 8777 - 384 6658

Fax: (84.203) 384 6728


Exchange: UPCoM

Sector: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

Industry: Amusement and Recreation Industries

Listing date: 05/26/2022

Chartered capital: 703,687,540,000

Listed shares: 28,708,169

Shares outstanding: 28,708,169

Status: Operating

Tax code: 5700102119-1

Establishment license: 953- CPH/GP

Issued date: 06/15/2005

Business license: 953 CPH/GP

Issued date: 06/15/2005

Main business scope:

- Construction of a five-star hotel, an entertainment center at Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

- Setting up an entertainment park in the project area for operation of gambling facilities for foreigners.

- In Aug 1994: Royal International Joint-Venture Limited Company was established.

- In May 2002: The company was allowed to operate a gambling center (Casino) for foreigners.

- In Mar 2006: The company was renamed as Royal International Joint Stock Company with the charter capital of VND332 billion.

- In 2007: The company increased its charter capital to VND353.7 billion.

- ON Jul 23, 2007: The company's shares were listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) and the charter capital was increased to VND410 billion.

- July 31, 2007: Traded on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE);

- In 2008: The company raised its charter capital to VND514 billion.

- In 2009: The company raised its charter capital to VND566 billion.

- In 2010: The company raised its charter capital to VND651 billion.

- In 2011: The company raised its charter capital to VND684 billion.

- In 2012: The company raised its charter capital to VND704 billion.

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