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04/15/2016Resolution of Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2016
06/03/2015 Corporate Governance Report the first 6 month of 2015
04/07/2015Resolution of Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2015
04/07/2015Audited Consolidated FS 2014
12/17/2014 Corporate Governance Report 2014

LOD Human Resource Development Corporation

Name: LOD Human Resource Development Corporation

Abbreviation:LOD Corp

Address: No.38 - Nguyen Phong Sac St. (Extended) - Dich Vong Ward - Cau Giay Dist. - Hanoi

Telephone: (84.24) 37689643

Fax: (84.24) 37689644



Exchange: OTC

Sector: Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services

Industry: Administrative and Support Services

Listing date:

Chartered capital: 15,745,600,000

Listed shares:

Shares outstanding:

Status: Operating

Tax code:

Establishment license: 2417/QÐ-TCCB-LÐ

Issued date: 12/29/1992

Business license: 0103009412

Issued date: 10/03/2005

Main business scope:

- Exporting labors
- Ex-importing commodities
- Training labors for export, technical workers and others
- Promoting, consulting oversea study and providing employment service
- Providing the inbound and outbound tourism service and others
- Trading houses, materials, construction materials, transport mean and equipment
- Providing passenger transport
- Doing real estate business
- Constructing traffic, industrial and civil works
- Trading car (less than 12 seats) and other motorized vehicles
- Trading transport services, garment, household appliances, kitchen tools and cutlery
- Trading tea and seafood
- Trading machines, equipment and accessories for mining and construction
- Trading machines, electric equipment, materials, generator, engine, wire and others
- Trading petroleum and related products
- Trading metals and metal ore
- Trading steel and iron
- Trading scraps, metal and nonmetal waste
- Trading plastic in primary form and rubber
- Trading fertilizer
- Providing customized goods transport by truck
- Transporting commodities along the coastal
- Supporting land, coastal and oceangoing transport services
- Providing shipping agent
- Providing oceangoing transport agent
- Providing ship chartering services…

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