Mobile World Investment Corporation (HOSE: MWG)


2,400 (+3.01%)
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Market Cap.37,222

Remain Bid13,720

Remain Ask88,220

52Wk High128,000

52Wk Low58,900

52Wk Avg Vol942,966

Frgn Buy-

Frgn Owned(%)49


Dividend Yield-




F P/E10.13



* EPS in the company's latest annual Financial Statement
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Mobile World Investment Corporation
- Hoạt động tư vấn quản lý (trừ tư vấn kiểm toán, dịch vụ làm thủ tục về thuế)
- Sản xuất máy vi tính và thiết bị ngoại vi của máy vi tính
- Sản xuất linh kiện điện tử viễn thông
- Bán buôn máy vi tính, thiết bị ngoại vi và phần mềm
- Sản xuất thiết bị truyền thông (không sản xuất tại địa điểm trụ sở)
Full namePositionsShare of ownership
• Mr Nguyen Duc TaiChairman of BOD11,582,178
• Mr Tran Kinh DoanhCEO/Member of BOD3,642,290
• Mr Dang Minh LuomMember of BOD/HR Director960,810
• Mr Dieu Chinh Hai TrieuMember of BOD/Technical Director6,667,523
• Mr Dao The VinhMember of BOD-
• Mr Doan Van Hieu EmMember of BOD381,800
• Mr Robert WilletMember of BOD2,666,808
• Mr Thomas LanyiMember of BOD2,949,254
• Mr Vu Dang LinhFinance Director330,354
• Ms Le Thao TrangMarketing Director-
• Ms Ly Tran Kim NganChief Accountant182,576
• Mr Tran Huy Thanh TungChief of Supervisory Board6,162,998
• Mr Hoang Huu HungMember of Supervisory Board41,200
• Ms Do Thi LoanMember of Supervisory Board1,620
Company name% Holding
• TGDD Information Technology Limited Company100.00
• Conscientious Installation - Repair - Maintenance Services Ltd.100.00
• MWG Cambodia Co., Ltd99.95
• Mobile World Joint Stock Company99.95
• Green Groceries Trade Joint Stock Company99.95
• Tran Anh Digital World JSC 99.94
• An Khang Retail Joint Stock Company49.00

Capital Increase History

Listing Information

First trading date07/14/2014

First trading day price81,500

First listed volume62,723,171

Listed shares453,209,987

Shares outstanding452,817,426

ShareholderShareHolding %
Mobile World Retail Advisory Co. Ltd51,515,09611.37
Tri Tam Co. Ltd38,636,3498.52
Chart cơ cấu sở hửu

Legal Representative

• Full nameMr. Tran Kinh Doanh
• PositionsChaiman - CEO
• ID card064073000006
• Address110 Le Van Sy - Ward 10 - Phu Nhuan - Ho Chi Minh City

PIC of Information Disclosure

• Full nameMr. Nguyen Duc Tai
• PositionsTruong BKS
• Telephone(84.28) 3812 5960

Basic Information

Company typeJoint Stock Comapny
Establishment license
Business license4103012275
Tax code0306731335
- 03/2004: Mobile World Limited Company was established;
- After 3 months of establishment, the company has launched its website and 3 small shops in Ho Chi Minh city;
- 10/2004: Opened the first shop in 89A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ho Chi Minh city;
- 1/2005: Opened the second shop in 330 Cong Hoa, Ho Chi Minh city;
- 1/2006: Opened the third shop in 26 Phan Dang Luu and 2 months after, one more shop in 182A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ho Chi Minh city;
- 2007 - 2009: Expand its market in Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang and Hanoi. In 2007, the company transferred into the joint stock company model;
- Late 2009: 38 shops were developed, including 19 shops in Ho Chi Minh city, 5 shops in Hanoi, 2 shops in Da Nang and 12 shops in other provinces.
- Late 2010: The number of its shops was doubled compared with 2009 and in the end of 2011, the number of mobile shops were tripled.
- 03/2011: Charter capital was increased to VND98.3 billion;
- 10/2011: Charter capital was increased to VND101.9 billion;
- 05/2012: Charter capital was increased to VND105.026 billion;
- 09/2013: Charter capital was increased to VND109.567 billion;
- Late 2013: Over 213 shops were developed in 63 provinces and cities;
- 03/2014: Charter capital was increased to VND116.4 billion;
- 04/2014: Charter capital was increased to VND627.23 billion;
- 07/07/2014: Listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE);
- 14/07/2014: Traded on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE);
- 31/10/2014: Charter capital was increased to VND1,120 billion;
- 21/06/2015: Charter capital was increased to VND1,399,039,760,000;
- 25/12/2015: Charter capital was increased to VND1,468,889,740,000;
- 08/02/2017: Charter capital was increased to VND1,539,509,270,000;
- 21/06/2017: Charter capital was increased to VND3,077,657,890,000;
- 05/03/2018: Charter capital was increased to VND3,169,884,370,000;
- 23/05/2018: Charter capital was increased to VND3,231,695,210,000;
- 05/12/2018: Charter capital was increased to VND4,307,666,670,000;
• Address222 Yersin - Phu Cuong Street - Thu Dau Mot City- Binh Duong
• Telephone(84.28) 3812 5960
• Fax(84.28) 3812 5961
• Website
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